Xero Margin of Error: Connecting Accounting to the Rest of Your Business

In a small business, everyone has a role to get cash in the door. The product team has to meet market needs. Sales needs to find the right customers, while marketing must create ways to connect with them. And finally, finance must make sure the business gets paid. Accounting software is the company’s backbone to make sure financial information is correct. The rise in cloud-based accounting software has demonstrated the need to ensure accuracy, reliable cash flow, and the ability to obtain financial information from many different business units and partners. Apps like Xero have even made accounting collaborative and fun.

For apps like Xero to work effectively, it must be seamlessly connected to payroll, CRM, timesheets, expense tracking, and inventory management. Unless companies keep data updated in Xero, the app’s value diminishes quickly. Without accurate and timely data, invoices are late, cashflows are at risk, your books are wrong, and employees are not getting reimbursed on time. Given this centrality, there really is “Xero margin of error” for making sure that your accounting app integrates with other systems and applications.

Even though we know that integration is important, it is usually a manual, time consuming and error-prone process. Without costly IT support, business users sometimes turn to simplistic tools that aren’t appropriate for a business environment. Enterprise-grade integration based on individual needs to automate data flows is critical to ensure security, privacy, and accuracy.  Without significant quality control, errors come up which can be costly, or even crippling, to fledgling businesses. The cost to fix mistakes is higher than preventing them.

Workato makes it easy and secure to connect accounting apps like Xero to other critical business apps. Workato recipes are powerful connections between apps like Xero and other business apps. We support Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Concur, Expensify, Vend and sixty other top business apps.  Our solution is flexible, customizable, and secure. Security and privacy of your financial and customer data is critical when integrating data across apps. Workato is the only SOC 2 compliant cloud integration service. Browse the community of recipes on Workato to find one that works for your needs or create your own and connect it to the other apps you use.

The recipes below can unleash your accounting application and give you the peace of mind that finances have the latest and correct data.

Automatically Sync Accounting and CRM Apps

Avoid duplicative data entry by syncing your CRM app with your accounting app. With this set of recipes, Salesforce and Xero can talk to each other so that when a customer account is created or updated in Salesforce a corresponding contact is created or updated in Xero. When information changes, no problem: you can use a recipe to sync changes as they occur in real-time.

Create a New Xero Contact when a Salesforce Account is Created

Sync Salesforce Account Updates to Contacts in Xero

Sync Contact Updates from Xero to Salesforce

Feed Invoices to Xero

SMBs must process invoices and payments with careful attention. When an opportunity or a custom invoice is created in Salesforce, an invoice can automatically be created in the corresponding account in Xero. Similar recipes can be used to connect Infusionsoft and Replicon, as well.

Sync Salesforce opportunity to invoices in Xero

Sync custom Salesforce Invoices with Xero

Sync Infusionsoft Invoices with Xero

Sync Replicon Invoices with Xero

Communicate Invoice Payments

This recipe can automate and streamline communication within teams. When invoices in Xero are marked as paid, this recipe automatically informs key members of your team via SMS and email. Executive team members, accountants, tax preparers, and bookkeepers can now know when your company gets paid.

Trigger Notifications When Invoices Are Marked as Paid in Xero

Connect Employee Timesheet Management to Payroll Invoices

Apps like Replicon allow SMBs to manage time tracking, expense management, and resource scheduling. When employee payroll invoices are ready, this recipe will create an invoice in Xero to make sure employees get paid on time.

Create Xero Invoices Triggered by Replicon

If you’re a SMB, you can’t afford errors. You need your CRM system to be in sync with your cash management application. Invoices also need to be sent out in time. Even with employees, connecting timesheet management with your payroll app ensures timely payments. Perhaps most importantly, Xero allows businesses to efficiently communicate between business units and even with outside partners like accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors.