Workbot: A Note From Our VP of Business Development, Markus Zirn

Here at Workato, we’re on a mission to make enterprise-grade integration easy and accessible. Workbot, our newly launched bot for Slack, does just that and makes creating, editing or viewing the data from your apps as simple as typing in your chatbox.

As a team with a long history in enterprise integration and business apps (Tibco, Oracle, Salesforce), nothing could be more exhilarating than to put the power of integration at the fingertips of every single Slack user. Integration technology, which before operated behind the scenes, is now taking center stage in Slack, the new UI for SaaS.

Analysts like Constellation Research have taken notice, but what is even more breathtaking is to watch exactly how our customers apply Workbot in their business – especially when they make Workbot central to their key business functions. Each day, I have the pleasure of speaking with various business owners in order to learn about and help build out each and every use case. Here are two of my favorite stories of the companies who have embraced Workbot and whose businesses are thriving. is the leading open source machine learning platform for smarter applications. It was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Science and while H2O’s product is certainly cool, what we really love is their growth hacking lead process. Workbot syncs every lead touchpoint – Intercom chats, the annual user conference managed in Eventbrite and product usage – into Salesforce and Marketo. Leads are then triaged and enriched with Workbot’s human workflow capabilities. Once the lead is nurtured and qualified, Workbot sends smart notifications to Slack and lets any Slack user access a lead’s full context across multiple business apps.


We’re so impressed by what Marc Mastrocola, Director of Operations and Growth Hacking at, has accomplished with Workbot – 7 Workato recipes including matching the product usage data to leads in Salesforce & Marketo through an automated CSV upload via Dropbox and a human workflow. Talk about ultimate automation!

Grasshopper spin-off Chargify helps businesses manage their recurring-revenue customers. Of course they use their own product, Chargify, to manage their customers’ subscriptions. But they also rely on Salesforce, Zendesk and Wufoo forms. Workbot syncs all customer-relevant data into Salesforce for aggregate business reporting. As avid Slack users, Chargify is excited to now have access to the full 360 degree view of any customer across all its applications right from within their chat window. Workbot is essential to managing Chargify’s life blood, its subscriber base.

Brit Gwaltney, founder of Advance Early Consulting, and previously Director of Sales at Chargify is the automation mastermind. He grew tired of the bad data and duplicates hindering his ability to fulfill the daily requests for customer base statistics by his CEO. Thanks to Workato, not only can the CEO easily access customer data spread across Chargify, Salesforce and Zendesk, but so can every single Chargify employee right from within Slack!

It’s not a surprise that High Tech companies like and Chargify are the earliest Workbot adopters. The same is true for Slack. What is awesome to see, however, is how diverse the first 350 organizations who adopted Workbot following the launch just a week ago are, hailing from all around the world. They include a pool service in Texas, a computer interface lab in Japan, a reservation service in Spain, a news service in Korea, a BI company in Sweden, an education service from Michigan and multiple non-profits. This isn’t just for the geeks. Workbot is useful for everyone. Check it out at