Workato Works With Apple to Make Integration Simple and Beautiful

Customers know what they are getting when they use an Apple product. Simplicity, power, elegance and empowerment: all of these describe Apple’s track record of reinventing how we live and play.

The next frontier? How we work in a mobile world.

Apple is Simplifying Business Life: Workato is helping

Yesterday, Apple discussed in their earnings call that they are working with a number of software providers to change the way people work. The company is working with a number of app vendors like Box, Docusign, ServiceMax, Revel and MicroStrategy to deliver best-in-class iOS based business applications. Here at Workato, we are excited to be part of this initiative.

Today: Beautiful islands but disconnected
Today: Beautiful islands but disconnected

As amazing as modern apps are, they don’t work well with each other. To get our work done, we are required to open several different apps and jump back and forth between them. Anyone that has tried to look up customer info across apps knows what I am talking about. It’s no surprise, that integrating apps and business functions remains one of the top business challenges.

Workato: The bridge that connects beautiful apps
Workato: The bridge that connects beautiful apps

We created Workato to connect islands of apps so your apps can talk to each other and you can get your work done without bouncing across multiple apps. We enable this with ‘recipes’ that any of us can learn to use and create. A recipe is simply a way for you to express how you want your apps to work with each other, e.g: a recipe to create invoices in QuickBooks when an opportunity is won in Salesforce.

We have completely re-imagined integration in a mobile world to make it intuitive and accessible to business users without compromising the power needed for business critical integrations. With Workato, anyone can create powerful connections between their apps without requiring IT or developers.

Working with Apple, we are excited to significantly accelerate this empowerment of business users. Besides the app vendors in this initiative, Workato also integrates with Over 60 of the most popular cloud based business applications. We have thousands of recipes between these apps to support all the popular business scenarios or workflows across them.

Workato iOS App – Integration in your pocket

Further, to make it even simpler for business customers, we have created the world’s first iOS app for integrating business apps. With Workato’s iOS app, users would simply select their apps. choose the connections they want between them, sit back and track all the business events across their apps. Stay tuned for launch of our iOS app!

I have personally been involved with creation of industry’s first and the largest app integration products, but I’ve never seen this level of simplicity in integrating apps. It takes weeks to just make just one of these integrations happen. With Apple and Workato you can do this in minutes.


In an earlier blog post, we spoke about the business app revolution. We are excited to work with Apple to accelerate this revolution.

Stay tuned for more details on this initiative!