What We Shipped In 2018: A New UI—and So Much More!

These features will equip you for the new era of automation

2018 was a big year for us at Workato. We were featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the first time (and ranked as a leader!), won Constellation Research’s Best Enterprise Software Startup award, and raised $25M in our Series B.

Most importantly, we welcomed a new era of automation. This era focuses on using technology to enable the experiences that both customers and employees have come to expect, whether it’s instantly unlocking paid features or requesting (and approving) PTO via Slack.

Part of ushering in this new era involves upgrading our platform. From our revamped UI to new connectors, here’s the coolest stuff we shipped in 2018!

These features will equip you for the new era of automation

A more user-friendly platform

2018 brought big changes to our UI. We wanted to make Workato more self-serviceable and improve on the user experience for all our users, particularly those with no prior experience with integration products.

The new Recipe UI introduces a flowchart building interface that clearly displays the flow of logic through the entire recipe. Other updates include app icons that make our platform feel distinctly less code-like and help users see the apps within their recipes clearly.

With our new recipe editor, we’ve focused on simplifying the user experience to empower both technical and non-technical users to create better automations, faster. Check out the interactive image in this post for more information!

These features will equip you for the new era of automation

Intelligence at its best

When building recipes, you may have noticed the phrase “Powered by RecipeIQ.” This revamped feature uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms based on billions of integration events and hundreds of thousands of integration use cases to help users build more effective integrations, more easily. RecipeIQ will:

  • Suggest the most popular fields associated with every action and the most popular actions depending on the connector.
  • Help with HTTP configuration by recommending the request body schema for you based on the API endpoint URL you’re calling.
  • Tell you the best data pills to map to a particular field within a particular action
  • Get more accurate the more you use it!

These features will equip you for the new era of automation

Something for everyone

Our users have come to expect cutting-edge features from Workato, and we worked hard to meet those expectations in 2018.

Many of our users build complex automations and integrations on the Workato platform, and now it’s easier for them to add steps to both main and nested recipe flows. We’ve also updated the drag-and-drop experience to include orange indicators so you can move steps more accurately.

Another big update is how data mapping works. In the past, our customers often told us that they wished they could map multiple data fields at once. Now they can, thanks to our new group data mapping feature!

These new features will equip you for the new era of automation

Connecting to more apps, more easily

We know our users value flexibility—and that it’s especially important as we move into the new era of automation. To that end, we launched several new app connectors.

Maybe the most exciting is our brand-new SAP on-premise connector. Integrating with SAP is a big priority for many of our enterprise customers, and we wanted to make it easier. The new connector allows you to easily automate processes between your SAP system (on-premise or on a firewall-protected server) and external apps and databases, without coding!

Our HTTP connector is a fan favorite, because as a universal connector, it allows you to connect to any API endpoints you like. It’s a key part of our platform that enables you to integrate with almost any app—even if we don’t have a dedicated connector for it yet.

The newly-updated Version 2 of the HTTP connector introduces a 3-step HTTP wizard, which provides a more guided user experience in building HTTP actions. Instead of configuring your HTTP action from scratch, Workato can recommend a configuration for you.

Because we’re committed to making automation more intelligent, we also debuted several connectors for Google’s AI services. These include:

  • Google Vision: Allows reading of text from images and scanned documents.
  • Google Speech-to-text: Allows conversion of a short speech-to-text transcript.
  • Google Text-to-speech: Allows conversion of text to synthetic voice audio.
  • Google Translate: Translates text between languages

These aren’t the only new connectors we added, though—they’re just the highlights. As always, you can see the full list of connectors here.

These will equip you for the new era of automation

Putting Workbot to work for you

Since its launch in 2016, countless Workato users have begun integrating their apps with Workbot for Slack. To make the Workbot experience better for these users, we updated several key Workbot features in 2018. We also made the process of crafting a Workbot recipe smoother and more enjoyable.

One of the coolest changes is that message attachments are now grouped, nested, and collapsed for a lot less clutter in the recipe. They can also be configured with our friendly UI, rather than having to use JSON!

Managing multiple bots is also much easier with the new Screens for Workbot Management. Workbot’s also gotten smarter—it can now be programmed for NLU (Natural Language Understanding) by connecting it to Amazon Lex or api.ai! These apps will allow your bot to understand your intent and even prompt you when more information is needed for it to execute your commands.

These will equip you for the new era of automation

Slack is ultimately a collaboration and communication tool. To make it easier to collect info from your colleagues, we debuted several new dialog features like support for multiple attachments and slash commands, complete with hints so you’ll never forget what to type!

For more information on these new dialog features, check out our detailed tutorial video.

These will equip you for the new era of automation

No more size limits

On Workato, you may have noticed that previously, there were file size limits of about 20-50 MB on our file-related actions. But unlimited file download and upload capabilities are important to our customers, so we worked to change this in 2018.

With our new file streaming approach, data is downloaded from its source piece-by-piece. Rather than loading the full set of data onto our server memory (which is finite), it’s then uploaded or streamed to its target destination.

This means that file size is no longer an issue as files are never downloaded or uploaded in full. Users no longer have to break up their data into appropriately-sized chunks or manage file sizes to automate with Workato!

If you haven’t tried Workato before, we’d love for you to check us out. And if you’re a current user, we always love hearing from you! We know these upgrades will make a great impression—but more importantly, they’ll help bring your automation and integration dreams to life.

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