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Here are Workato, we are so excited to meet the best and the brightest marketing gurus at the 2016 Marketing Nation Summit in Las Vegas (we’ll be at booth K34!). In case you haven’t heard of us, Workato is an award winning, no-code enterprise grade integration service – we’re more powerful than those other guys and less expensive than a bespoke integration or hiring an IT team. We make your apps, like Marketo, talk to your other apps eliminating manual data entry, saving you hours and hours of time, and making sure there are no duplicates!

To give you a better idea of what Workato can do, here are three companies that are using Workato to get the most out of Marketo and all of their cloud apps.

The American Kennel Club
Canine Pedigree and Show

Apps Connected with Workato: Shopify and Marketo
Results: 360 degree view of customers and the ability to measure their email campaigns by revenue.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) uses Workato to integrate Shopify and Marketo with a recipe that updates Marketo every time a purchase is logged in Shopify. The recipe will look to match the information of the purchaser from Shopify in Marketo and if there isn’t a profile in Marketo, Workato will create a new lead and update it with Shopify’s order information.

With real time, up-to-date information about leads, customers, sales and payments being transferred from one app to another, they can work together to drive much better results. Sales information from Shopify can help marketing apps like Marketo, Mailchimp and RegOnline send more targeted and relevant information to your leads. It can also automatically process and add up the total revenue coming in from each campaign – an incredibly valuable insight for your business.

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Machine Learning

Apps Connected with Workato: Marketo, Salesforce, Intercom, Eventbrite, Slack and People Task
Results: Incredible data driven marketing funnel with high success rate and no duplicates provides the algorithms and libraries for machine learning used by hundreds of leading companies from PayPal and Ebay, to State Farm and Cisco. You might think that driving traffic to a landing page is the most important element of lead acquisition, but in Marc Mastrocola, Director of Marketing Operations’ well oiled, lead generating machine, intelligent follow ups have the largest impact on the conversion rate from lead to paying customer. Unfortunately, gathering the data that drives these intelligent follow ups can be difficult, as information from several cloud apps and a human data gathering process must all converge in one place. That’s where Workato comes in.

Marc uses Workato’s unique People Task app to incorporate a human workflow and triage/cleanse leads before they go into Marketo. He also connects Marketo to Salesforce, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Intercom and Slack.

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Family First Technology

Apps Connected with Workato: Marketo, Shopify, QuickBooks, Slack, Dropbox
Results: All customer objects automatically transferred from Shopify to Marketo for highly targeted email marketing and increased repeat buyers

WavHello is a startup selling products that are designed to engage families from day one through the use of technology. Since the launch of their first product, Belly Buds, they have quickly grown into a family-first technology company, with an expanding list of unique products, their own mobile app, and even an appearance on Shark Tank.

When Tara Humphries was hired as WavHello’s Head of Digital Marketing she was immediately faced with the task of integrating their marketing efforts with their eCommerce operations. Tara chose Marketo for marketing automation and Workato to seamlessly integrate it with Shopify. At first, they tried a different integration solution but found that it did not meet their needs as it only copied names and email addresses. It also did not control for duplicates, meaning that some customers had multiple entries in their Marketo system. With Workato, WavHello can track the entire customer journey and send highly targeted email campaigns, significantly increasing repeat buyers. Tara is now considering adding QuickBooks, Dropbox, and Slack into her workflow!

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We hope to see you at Marketing Nation Summit 2016 and would love to hear about your use case. Shoot us an email at info [at] or visit us at booth K34.