Video Blogpost: ServiceNow Express Integrations with Workato

This video blogpost initially appeared in ServiceNow Express and is presented by Darius Koohmarey.  The written blogpost initially appeared in ServiceNow Express and was written by Keyvan Berenjian.

Learn how to utilize ServiceNow partner Workato for integrating Express to your 3rd party cloud applications. See how Workato can also be leveraged for scheduled task, and extended workflow functionalities in Express.

ServiceNow Express has partnered with Workato to provide point & click integrations with SalesForce, Jira, and Replicon. Integrate with these three applications bi-directionally without writing a single line of code.

 Workato gives you a list of integration actions, called recipes, which are initiated by triggers. Here are a couple examples:
  • When an ‘Account’ is added or modified in Salesforce, create or update that ‘Company’ in ServiceNow Express.
  • When an ‘Incident’ is created in ServiceNow Express, create a new ‘Issue’ in Jira.

To see all of the pre-configured recipes, visit the ServiceNow Express recipe page.

 Want to create a custom recipe? Create your own between their list of supported apps.
Want more integrations or recipes? Please response to this suggestion thread with your requests: