The People Who Power Workato: Yusuf Hasan

People Who Power Workato Yusuf Hasan

In this installment of The People Who Power Workato, we’re putting the spotlight on Yusuf Hasan, a Principal Solutions Architect in our Presales team. 

Since joining Workato a little over a year ago, Yusuf has played a pivotal role for our organization. 

He’s been instrumental in building out and developing his team; and he works tirelessly on helping clients and prospects leverage Workato in high-impact, innovative ways.

You can read on to learn more about Yusuf’s background, his day-to-day responsibilities, and his experiences since joining our team.

1. Let’s start with an easy question: What do you do for fun? 

The list is pretty wide ranging. If I had to trim it down to a few items, I’d say it’s watching movies with my wife and kids, tinkering with smart home devices and other gadgets in my basement “man cave”, playing Codenames with friends every week, and staying fit by going to the gym regularly.

2. Where were you working prior to Workato? And what inspired you to join our team?

I was with another iPaaS vendor before Workato, where I also worked in an executive presales architect role.

When I was nearing the end of my journey at my previous employer, a close friend and ex-colleague of mine introduced me to Workato. I did some research and was impressed by the company’s growth and success in the marketplace. 

However, it was only after I began using the platform that I felt compelled to join the team.

I was just blown away by how the platform simplified automation development on a cloud-native architecture. There’s no need for heavy software development, and as a result, the platform addresses a critical gap in most automation and integration solutions: user-friendliness.

3. Can you tell me a bit more about your role at Workato? What do you typically do day-to-day?

As a Principal Solutions Architect, I’m an executive-level, customer-facing, pre-sales resource.

You can think of us as imagineers who help our prospects and customers visualize the art of the possible when they have the power of Workato behind them.

In more concrete terms, you can find me doing any of the following on a given day:

  • Advising executive decision makers on why automation at scale with Workato will transform their organizations
  • Strategizing with my Account Executives on how to win new accounts or expand our footprint in existing accounts
  • Owning and leading the technical sales cycle, which includes holding discussions with clients on how Workato can help meet their business outcomes, as well as devising impactful proof of value engagements
  • Providing feedback to product management on what we see in the field
  • Vetting job candidates for our fast-growing sales and presales teams, and coaching and mentoring new hires

4. What excites you about the Workato platform? 

Workato lays waste to the notion that you need a complex solution to solve complex problems. 

Our platform is powerful like other integration solutions, but unique in its elegance and simplicity. You can solve big, hairy automation problems in a fraction of the time and cost with Workato.

5. What keeps you fired up about working at Workato (as a company)?

I’m really excited about the businesses’ explosive growth and our ability to win over well-known brands. I’m also energized by our culture of transparency, open feedback, and opinion sharing. 

Finally, I love our employee-centric work policies. Just to use an example, we get a company-wide day off every month to recharge and focus on our personal lives. 

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