Product Update Andes: New Features and Big Improvements

We are very excited to announce the release of our new product update, Workato Andes! We decided to name this package of great new features after one of the longest continental mountain ranges in the world. Much like the majestic Andes, which stretch across seven South American countries, our update makes major improvements across our platform. There’s something new and exciting for everyone, from the Beta release of our developer platform and new consultant capabilities, to essential recipe building features that will make recipe construction even easier. Here’s a round-up of all our new features (disclaimer: long post ahead, but it’ll be worth it – we promise!).

New Features and Products

New Apps We Support


  • GoToWebinar
  • HipChat
  • Pipedrive
  • Podio
  • PostgreSQL
  • ProductHunt
  • Prontoforms
  • QuickBase
  • Slack
  • Stripe
  • Zoho Invoice

Job reports


This feature allows you to transform your Workato job history into a powerful reporting tool. By customizing your job report, you can create reports across apps when you choose the fields that you’d like to see in your job history. This gives you a detailed bird’s eye view over your recipes and which jobs failed. For more information on how to set up Custom Job Reports, read more here >

Workbot for Slack

workbot capabilities chart

We had an amazing launch for Workbot for Slack on Product Hunt! If you haven’t heard already Workbot helps you easily notify, search, and modify data across all your apps without leaving Slack. These actions are powered by Workato recipes.  Check it out here.

Recipe Updates

Trigger Filters

trigger filter

Hitting your transaction limits too soon? With new trigger filters, your recipes will only process data that’s relevant which makes your transaction limits last longer. You can set conditions to pick up only the records that need to go through, providing a layer of granular filter over your integration. See How Trigger Filters Work >

Test Recipe

test recipe

Introducing a brand new tool for recipe building. No more anxious testing and changing ‘Since parameters’ over and over again. When you finish creating or installing a recipe, Workato will give you the option to ‘test recipe’ which will allow you to run your recipe over a single record so you can make sure that your recipe does exactly what you want. Once satisfied, you can then choose to run the whole recipe over the rest of your records. Start Building A Recipe >

Mass Re-run

mass re-run

If you forgot to map a certain value, or have mass failed jobs due to mistakes, no need to worry! You can now re-run one or more jobs in a single round. You no longer have to re-run jobs one by one.

New UI (drag and drop)

test 2

To make recipe building a better experience for our users, we introduced a new UI that allows you to quickly build and arrange your recipe. You can now drag and drop recipes easily, taking steps or block of steps in and out of indentation, as well as reordering them. Learn more >

The Stop action (no condition required)

stop errorIntroducing our 5th action, the Stop action. The stop action allows you to stop a recipe at any point in the job run. This is useful when you’d like to quickly flag errors out and stop the recipe because of a reason of your choice (for example: duplicate customer detected, or email not present). The job will be categorized as a failed job, allowing you to troubleshoot the recipe easily. NOTE: this is different from the action ‘conditional stop’ as the Stop action does not require a condition in order to stop the recipe.


workbot chart


Ever wanted to generate quick reports on your customer’s data in pie or bar charts? You can now do that with a recipe using our very own ‘Utilities’ app. We will generate a chart and you can render it anywhere using the URL we provide. A great use case is to post it in any app, or publish it in Slack! Try it now by building your own recipe and selecting the ‘Utilities’ app in an action step, then select ‘Generate column or pie chart.’ Or you can browse existing recipes that use utilities.

App-Specific Updates

Improved QuickBooks Connect and Xero Connect for Infusionsoft


Thanks to feedback and support from users like you, QuickBooks Connect and Xero Connect for Infusionsoft are now easier to use than ever before. We’ve made a series of improvements to these apps to allow you to connect your payments and invoices between QuickBooks/Xero and Infusionsoft even more seamlessly. Get QuickBooks Connect and Xero Connect from the Infusionsoft Marketplace!

Salesforce Webhooks


Introducing Webhooks for Salesforce. Once setup, you will be able to trigger recipes in real-time for instant syncs between your Salesforce leads, accounts or opportunities into any other supported app, such as QuickBooks or Zendesk. You can also get a corresponding URL of the other app in your Salesforce instance. If you are interested in implementing Webhooks, contact us at for help from a Workato representative.

Dropbox Batch Processing


When transferring data via a Dropbox CSV file, we now do batch processing of your files so large CSV files can be processed in a much reduced time. This is extremely handy for anyone who wants to mass import past data into new systems. Check out some popular Dropbox recipes >

For Consultants and Advanced Users

Recipe Version Control

Recipe version control now allows you to set up a parent-child relationship between your test and your clients’ recipes. So, you can test any new changes on your test recipe (parent), and once satisfied, simply upgrade the production recipe (child) to the latest version. Changes made to the parent recipe (test recipe) can be transferred to the child/children recipes (recipes in production) with a click of a button. Now when you want to make improvements or changes, your operations won’t be affected.

For Developers

Beta Developers Kit (SDK)


Calling all developers! You can now build your own integrations to any REST APIs available using our new SDK platform. That means maximizing efficiency and minimizing worry about maintaining your code and creating backend structures. With Workato’s SDK, you can easily structure and deploy integrations using Workato. Best of all, you will be able to use your custom connector to integrate with all 150+ official connectors that Workato support! To learn more about using the SDK click here >

HTTP Connector

Need to connect to a particular application or business object right now? We’re pleased to announce the release of our HTTP Connector. You can now make a REST calls to any apps with a RESTful API. This opens up a ton of possibilities for connecting to an app we don’t support yet. Read this documentation for more information >

If you want more info on any of these new features or need to leave feedback, shoot us an email or leave a comment below!