Meet Workato Autopilot, a WFH booster pack for Teams, Slack, & Workplace

With COVID-19 affecting 213 countries, areas and territories, we wanted to help businesses throughout the world adjust to the new reality of work.

Workato has a large office in Singapore, a country that began dealing with the spread of Covid-19 earlier than many other countries. The government quickly put measures in place to stop the spread of the disease and our team there responded by building bots and automations for our company chat platform to make work better and easier.

“We first built these automations and bots just for our own internal use to help us manage our employees and comply with the guidelines of the Singaporean government,” said Allan Teng, Managing Director and VP of Workato’s APJ office. “When we mentioned what we had created to customers, they wanted to use the Autopilot pack too. That’s when we realized this could truly help companies across the world adjust to this new reality.”

Now that we all are working from home, tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workplace from Facebook have become the place where we spend most of our time collaborating with others. Workato Autopilot is a package of 4 bots containing customizable automation recipes to help your company be more efficient and get your work done from Workplace. Workato’s Autopilot is inspired by what our customers are using every day in this new environment.

Meet the Bots and Automations


Assistant deals with all the administrative tasks so that you don’t have to. From finding and serving information across your knowledge bases, to creating an IT request, requesting/approving PTO, and more. Assistant seamlessly integrates with all the systems required for these workflows like Workday, ServiceNow, Jira, Salesforce, and hundreds more. 

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StandUp enables you to configure and run your regular standups with your distributed team. Set the date, time, and frequency for a stand up that can fully be conducted in Slack. You can also schedule a Zoom meeting, file a Github issue, or display and update tasks in your project management tool like Trello, Airtable, or Wrike.

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Working from home every day can not only become monotonous but sometimes overwhelming too. Wellness bot provides guidance and reminders to employees, as well as coordinating participation in various wellness activities and company-wide challenges.


It can be a challenge to meet and get to know everyone in the company, especially if you are starting a new job from home. Specify which teams you’d like to meet and Buddy will set up a time with someone from that team for a virtual meet and greet based on common interests. Buddy integrates with your HR app to identify the correct team members, checks calendars for availability, and creates calendar invites with Zoom call-ins ready to go.

Autopilot is Helping to Keep Essential Businesses Running

Autopilot is helping some of the most essential businesses operate safely. For example, SMRT, Singapore’s mass transit provider, has 11,000 employees that allow SMRT to support an average daily ridership of 3.384 million.

“In this uncertain time, we are working hard to ensure business continuity. We started using Workato about 2 weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic to capture real-time travel declarations and the statuses of 11,000 employees. This not only saves administrative time, but creates a great experience for our employees, who can complete a declaration within Workplace from Facebook in just 15 to 30 seconds,” said Jonathan Goh, Application Architect at SMRT Corporation.

But does this really apply to the U.S. and other countries? We believe these automations will help us now and as we transition back to the office.

Vijay Tella, CEO of Workato, says the three biggest concerns he hears from customers in this new landscape are:

  1. How do we ensure the well-being of our employees?
  2. How do we provide business continuity as government guidelines and work environments change?
  3. How do we rapidly adapt our business processes to support the dramatically altered ways in which companies and their customers must work today and going forward?

“Companies in the Asia Pacific region began confronting these challenges much earlier and can help predict what life may look like when we start transitioning out of the stricter lockdown we have been under in the United States,” says Tella. “We hope by releasing solutions we created for our Asia Pacific customers over the past three months, it will help businesses with the ‘now’ and the future.”

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Get started with Autopilot – free for 6 months!

As we navigate the new normal, we have removed the risks of time, budget, and resources to ensure that your teams can get started and start seeing value right away.

What’s included with Autopilot?

Designed for companies with 100+ employees, this new package includes:

  • Free Workato subscription for 6 months with flexible terms for continuing 
  • Free onboarding and standard support 
  • There’s no upfront payment and you can cancel anytime – no questions asked

This is a limited time offer and expires on July 31, 2020.

For more information click here or contact your Workato rep to set up a demo.

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