How KyoChon’s Finance Team Saves 4 Hours a Day with a Single Recipe

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KyoChon is a leader in the Korean F&B space with a single mission—to deliver authentic, delicious fried chicken. Since its establishment, KyoChon has served close to 50,000 customers in over 1,000 locations every day. 

In 2014, the business expanded to Malaysia and quickly grew to 21 outlets across the country. However, as is common in any business, KyoChon’s rapid expansion also brought new challenges. 


  • An increase in administrative tasks for the finance team.
  • There was potential for human error as many processes were done manually.
  • Took up resources in the finance team that could be spent doing other high value work. 

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The Workato Impact: Immediate Time Savings, Accurate Data, and Happier Employees

As KyoChon scaled, the number of operational tasks ballooned. 

“We started using Netsuite as a platform to record sales activities from Revel, our in-store POS system in 2019, during a period of intense growth. That unfortunately resulted in an explosion of manual, mundane tasks for our finance team,” Chui Mei Wong, who handles KyoChon Malaysia’s IT Operations explains. 

The team was spending four hours every day manually transferring sales activity reports for the 21 physical outlets from Revel into Netsuite. It was tedious and draining work, involving logging into the different platforms, looking up the numbers, transferring them across systems, and checking for errors, and was beginning to affect the team’s productivity as the backlog increased. Wong knew something had to change. 

That change? Workato. 

The workflow automation that KyoChon uses.

Using Workato, KyoChon built a simple recipe—what we call the set of steps Workato follows to get work done between your apps—to automate the process. At a set time every day, Workato takes all the sales activity data from Revel, processes it based on business specifications, and then pushes the processed data into Netsuite automatically.

From 4 hours every day, the task now takes minutes.

“The ROI is immediate. The data is ready for the team when they come into work. It’s automatic, accurate, and the team can now spend their time on higher value work instead of data entry.”

Wong Chose Workato for the Possibilities It Offers

Initially, Wong considered taking the traditional route. It seemed the obvious solution to develop a custom integration between the two platforms. 

But Wong quickly decided against it, knowing that it would involve hiring developers to not just develop but maintain the custom integration indefinitely. She knew she had to come up with another solution, and quickly too, because that was exactly when the coronavirus pandemic threatened to hit full force.

Workato came highly recommended by our vendor. And when I learnt more about the platform, I realized that there were so many possibilities beyond what we initially wanted to do.”

The flexibility that Workato offers was what impressed Wong the most during the evaluation process. No matter what specifications she needed for the recipe, Workato could deliver. 

This would not be the case for custom integrations, as Wong explains, particularly because KyoChon has a complex set of data processing requirements. 

“There would have been many points where we would be told certain actions could not be achieved (through a custom integration). But Workato was able to meet all of our criteria, because it allows for flexibility in the way we integrate our systems.

F&B Beyond Brick and Mortar

What you can do on Workato is only limited by your creativity, she says. 

In fact, Wong is already thinking about what else the business can achieve with automation. Not just because the pandemic shows no signs of abating as we write this, but also because of the fundamental shift it caused in the F&B space.

“More and more F&B businesses in Malaysia have been forced to realize the importance of digitalization and at the same time having to reduce costs.”

This holds true for KyoChon—the business has always been keenly aware of the need to differentiate itself from competitors, and knows that the key to doing that is business-wide digital transformation, especially on the operational side.  

“It’s a competitive space, so differentiation is how we’re going to rise above the competition and grow faster. With Workato, I believe we’re well-set to achieve that.”

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