Introducing Intent Bot: Get the Most Out of Your G2 Buyer Intent Data

We’re all operating in a new era where businesses are extremely cautious about their spend. That’s why it is critical to identify who is actually shopping for a solution like yours. If you’re not using Buyer Intent Data to identify high intent leads you’re probably working harder with less fruitful results. 

Buyer Intent Data helps Marketing and Sales work together to close bigger deals faster. It allows you to identify hot leads who are actively researching your product, your competitors, or your category. It also allows you to target them more persuasively with personalized campaigns based on their activity. 

G2’s Buyer Intent Data provides the rich data that sales and marketers really need, especially at a time when pipelines are soft and companies are tightening the purse strings.

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Making that Data Actionable Is Hard

So what’s the issue? Well, making this data actionable is sometimes hard and often requires a lot of manual work across multiple applications. To make Intent Data actionable, you have to:

  • Manually go through the data daily to identify accounts and the research they are doing.
  • Search for contacts for that account in data enrichment tools.
  • See if these contacts have had any recent activity (eg. attended a webinar, visited your website) in your marketing automation platform.
  • Route to the appropriate SDR or AE based on their territory/account ownership in the CRM.
  • Get the ABM team to run Ads to these high-intent accounts using the ABM tool. 

Now, imagine how much more effective your sales and marketing team would be if this process was handled automatically … Are you imagining it? Ok good. 

That’s why we’re excited to team up with G2 to bring you G2 Intent Bot

Meet G2 Intent Bot

G2 Intent Bot maximizes your investment in Buyer Intent Data by automating the process end-to-end through Slack or Microsoft Teams

By automating the process of identifying accounts based on intent data, compiling their interactions with your company from your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform, assigning it to the proper rep, and coordinating ads and other campaigns, your team can do way more with the data you have. 

This end-to-end process will ultimately help you do things like:

  • Drive pipeline by engaging prospects at the right time
  • Box out competition by reaching out to potential buyers first when they research your product or category
  • Increase nurture conversion rates with contextual targeting

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A Partnership that Helps You Level Up

Workato’s powerful Enterprise Automation Platform and G2’s invaluable Buyer Intent Data have come together to create an end-to-end process that allows you to strategically sell without any of the extra work. 

“From identifying new in-market buyers, to keeping tabs on your existing book of business, G2 delivers the intent data companies need to not just grow their business, but maintain those essential relationships with existing customers. Workato’s Intent Bot mobilizes that critical data by connecting it to the tools and workflow your sales and marketing teams use every day, allowing G2 customers to reach the right buyers at the right time with the right message — without having to lift a finger,” said Lauren Decker, VP of Brand & Product Marketing at G2.  

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With Intent Bot and G2 Buyer Intent Data you can:

  • Automatically route critical Buyer Intent Data to the correct sales rep or SDR on Slack or Teams with all the information they need to act on it.
  • Enrich the data from G2 with contact information from your CRM (eg. Salesforce, Hubspot) and other enrichment tools (eg. Zoominfo, Clearbit).
  • Highlight contacts that interacted with your brand via touchpoints stored in Marketing Automation Platforms like Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot.
  • Take action right from the chat console – send the account to a prospecting tool like Outreach/Salesloft, inform the ABM team to run ads, send direct mail/gift, and more.
  • Customize to your requirements – G2 Intent Bot is completely customizable, from the routing rules you apply, to which data is presented, as well as the UI.

In partnership with G2, we are excited to offer a 50% discount to all G2 customers, including free standard onboarding and support.*

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*Offer ends July 31, 2020

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