G2 lists Workato as the best software in 2 categories. Here’s how automation helped us earn these recognitions

G2 Awards

Note: Nikki Salvie Clarin, a Customer Review Associate at Workato, also contributed to this article.

We’re excited to announce that G2, the largest peer-to-peer review site for business software, has listed Workato as the “Best Software” in two categories: IT Infrastructure Products and Fastest Growing Products. 

While we’re excited to see our position as the leader in enterprise automation strengthen, we’re even more excited about the inspiring reviews we’ve garnered on the review platform. One of our core values is—and always has been—putting our customers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and our reviews in G2 are evidence that we’re executing against this north star successfully. 

But the story doesn’t end here. 

We’ve been leveraging our own platform to identify clients who are willing to give feedback and then asking them to write reviews on our behalf.

We’ll show you how, exactly, we collect customer reviews at scale and with little to no manual effort by our team.

How we use automation to intelligently scale customer reviews 

Like any company, we wanted to understand the aspects of our product that created Detractors and Promoters. However, the CSM team didn’t have a consistent and effective means of collecting data that could unearth these insights.

At the same time, our marketing team was looking to improve our digital presence in the software industry and our overall positioning in the automation landscape by amplifying the voices of our advocates. To support this effort, the team invited customers to write reviews on G2, mainly through direct emails. However, since we couldn’t easily identify who was willing to provide feedback, this effort yielded low response rates. 

To tackle both of these challenges in one fell swoop, our CSM team turned to Workato.

Here’s how the automation works: 

Qualtrics, a feedback platform we use to distribute our user NPS survey, sends feedback requests to customers that frequently use our platform.

When a user submits a response, the automation gets triggered. 

The NPS data will be logged in a Salesforce object, and an email gets sent to the contact through Marketo, inviting them to write a review on G2. At the same time, the CSM team receives a notification in Slack (like the example below), informing them of the user’s rating and feedback. 

A Slack message notifying the CSM team of a client's response to a survey

This multi-app automation helped us increase the number of reviews we received in 2021 by 36% (compared to 2020); moreover, we’ve managed to maintain an overall product rating of 4.7 stars in 2021, leading us to become a leader in multiple categories of G2’s Quarterly Grid® Reports. And last but not least, it’s enabled our CSM team to provide more timely and personalized support. 

Wondering what our customers say about us? You can read their reviews on G2.