3 Box Integrations that Can Help Your Marketers Nurture and Convert More Leads

3 Box integrations that can help your marketers excel

Your marketing team’s ability to share information securely, quickly, and easily is essential for facilitating productive collaboration. 

Box, the cloud content management and file sharing service, serves as the very pillar of this capability. Using Box, you can decide which marketers access specific documents, and you can all but ensure that the data stays safe through the platform’s AES 256-bit encryption.

Even with the unique value it offers, the platform becomes all the more indispensable as you begin to integrate it with other applications in your ecosystem. 

Here are 3 apps you can integrate with Box to help your marketing team personalize its activities, save time, and ultimately drive better results.

  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Marketo

Let’s review each app integration!

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1. Integrate Box with Salesforce to Personalize Marketing Activities

Personalized marketing activities don’t just deliver better experiences—they also work more effectively at converting prospects into customers.

Research by Epsilon, for example, proved that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase with organizations that offer personalized experiences. 

To help your team deliver personalized experiences, you can integrate Box with Salesforce and build a workflow where any time a prospect’s Salesforce account gets updated (e.g. call recording gets uploaded), the update is instantly made in the corresponding Box folder. The marketers who have access to that folder can then quickly learn of the update and use it to further personalize their marketing activities.

2. Sync Box with Marketo to Keep Abreast of Your Prospects 

Your marketing team is (hopefully) adding scores of new leads consistently. You can empower your colleagues to account for each lead by syncing Box with Marketo and then setting up a workflow where any time a new lead comes into Marketo, a folder gets created for them in Box. Alternatively, you can do this in batches, enabling you to create several folders for prospects at once.

3. Connect Box with Slack to Stay on Top of Campaigns 

As your team manages a wide range of campaigns, it quickly becomes untenable to log into Box any time a colleague wants to review the assets for any given one.

To help your marketers keep their finger on the pulse of a campaign while staying on the platform they work on already (Slack), you can: Connect Box with Slack and then design a workflow that allows anyone involved to receive a message via a Slack channel when there are changes in the campaign’s Box folder (e.g. a brochure gets added). 

Get More Out of Box by Building End-to-End Workflow Automations

As valuable as these app integrations are, building end-to-end workflow automations on top of them can fundamentally transform the way your marketing team operates.

For example, to help your marketers better understand prospects (which can, in turn, help them personalize prospect-focused campaigns), you can build a workflow automation using Zoom, Box, Salesforce, Slack, and an enterprise chatbot that helps them access call recordings with prospects. 

Here’s how it can work:

A workflow automation that helps sales reps capture call recordings, store them, add them to the relevant apps, and access them directly via chat.

1. Once the call with the prospect ends, the workflow gets triggered.

2. The Zoom call recording gets added to the prospect’s Box folder.

3. The Box folder gets added as a note to the prospect’s Salesforce opportunity page.

4. An enterprise chatbot (Workbot) messages the appropriate marketers the call recording.

Looking to build an automation like this yourself? Wondering about other marketing automations that you can implement? Learn how Workato, the leading enterprise automation platform, can help by speaking with one of our automations experts!

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