How Our Latest Product Release Takes Automation-Building to the Next Level

Workato's latest product release

Here at Workato, the team is working hard to improve the end-to-end experience of building integrations and automations.

Our aim is to deliver experiences that help your team work smarter, faster, and better together. And with our latest product release, “Aurora”, we believe we’ve done exactly that.

Here are just 4 parts of Aurora that we’re excited about. If you want to get the full picture of what’s now available, you can check out this press release or the announcement in our product blog.

Our Updated UX Makes Recipe-Building Even Easier 

While working on your recipe*, we’ve made a few significant enhancements:

*The specific steps Workato follows to get work done between your apps.

  • You can use a resizable data tree to quickly map your data.
  • You can maximize and minimize nested data to review specific parts of a recipe more closely, while ignoring others when necessary.
  • You can easily test jobs by clicking over to the “Test Jobs” tab. Once there, you can verify your results and repeat any job.

Our Connector Community Lets You Build Automations Even Faster 

Similar to how we’ve made recipes from our community widely available, we’ve launched a Connector Community that lets any builder use connectors from our developers and partners.

Workato's connector community.

This is already the largest connector marketplace for enterprise applications, and with 1000s more pre-built, ready-for-use connectors set to be released in the near future, it’ll only grow exponentially! 

Our View and Edit Modes Allow Employees to Collaborate Even Better 

Recipe-building often requires input and visibility across a few employees. You can give colleagues who need to see it, but not necessarily build it, View Mode access; while those who need to update it directly can receive Edit Mode access. It’s worth noting that someone with access to the latter can’t override changes made by a colleague. This all but ensures that there’s no loss of work.

Our On-Prem Shunt Helps You Move Data in a Way that’s Even Smarter 

Our on-prem shunt lets you transfer data from certain on-prem systems, like databases, to others (including applications in the cloud). It can do this for a high volume of data, while keeping behind corporate firewalls so that you can stay compliant.

Now you’re probably wondering how our new experience looks. You can check out the video below to see it for yourself!

Currently not using Workato and want more insight on the release? You can learn more about it and how it can benefit your team by speaking with one of our automation experts.

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Jon Gitlin Content Strategist @ Workato
Jon Gitlin is the Managing Editor of The Connector, where you can get the latest news on Workato and uncover tips, examples, and frameworks for implementing powerful integrations and automations. In his free time, he loves to run outside, watch soccer ( matches, and explore local restaurants.