What Airbnb Can Teach Us About Scaling Business Processes During Hypergrowth

In the past ten years, companies have been able to expand and scale at a pace never seen before, prompting the Harvard Business Review to coin the term “hypergrowth.”

For most people, the phrase calls to mind trendy startups and technology companies. But the truth is that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is making hypergrowth a reality across all industries. As the World Economic Forum points out:

“The 1990s and 2000s saw the rapid rise of internet giants, but as software and computing technology have supportively reinforced the progress in other domains, we are now seeing data analytics, machine learning and platform opportunities that are only the beginning as entire industries undergo transformation […]

[…] Not only are young firms finding themselves with massive multibillion dollar valuations within four to five years of their founding but also firms that are over 100 years old are poised to create staggering revenues with new technologies and business models.”

No one understands this new reality better than Kumud Kokal, former Head of Business Systems at Airbnb. During his time at the rapidly-scaling company, he transformed the finance and HR departments to work more efficiently, cut down on costs, and keep pace with the organization’s growth.

In his 20+ years of experience, he’s seen that regardless of size, businesses face some common challenges when it comes to their business systems. These hurdles include:

  • An abundance of manual processes
  • Fragmented information
  • Governance and control

Growth—especially rapid growth—can exacerbate these problems, taking them from being simple inconveniences to being real roadblocks to success. How you address these problems and scale your systems can make or break your company.

In this special webinar, Kumud shares his expertise in evolving business systems so that they don’t just stop inhibiting growth, but also become a competitive advantage. You’ll learn:

  • Insights into adopting and scaling business systems successfully, such as how to apply a lifecycle framework for better outcomes and the importance of the planning stage to system implementation;
  • Why the employee and customer journeys demand the right mix of people, process, and technology;
  • How Kumud shortened the monthly financial close process by 3x using Workday Financial and other apps; and
  • How he eliminated 90% of manual processes by implementing over 250 integrations and automations.

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