7th Day of Automation: Automating Human Workflows ?

It’s the 7th day of Automation! See Day 4 and Day 5 or our new features for Workbot for Slack that came out on day 6!

Whether it is filling out information on a prospect in order to lead triage or assessing if someone is fit to be accepted to a partner program, these activities need a human touch. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t automate this human workflow into your larger business automation. Here are 2 examples of how you can automate lead triage and human workflows to increase productivity, reduce manual labor, and make sure leads and applicants are qualified.

How H2O.ai Cleanses and Triages Leads in Marketo with People Task

The growth hacking team at H2O.ai uses Marketo to automate lead scoring, create landing pages and forms, and manage programs and emails. Though information about each lead has already been transferred to Salesforce and synced to Marketo, H2O.ai created a way to cleanse the leads and add further information on each lead using a native Workato app called People Task. Enriching these leads makes their lead to sale pipeline more effective and People Task allows the process of lead enriching to be efficient as well.

In this Marketo Recipe, when there is a new lead in Marketo, Workato’s People Task will send a data cleansing request to an employee, Dianne. When Dianne fills in the information and clicks “approve,” Workato will update the lead with the new information in Marketo.

H2O.ai has set up People Task to request further information on each lead. First, Dianne will determine if this is a real lead or spam. Then she will fill in more information on the lead that will be useful for the team, such as the lead’s LinkedIn profile URL, their job title, industry, and city. This human review process not only cleanses the lead pool of bad leads, but enriches the available data. All of these preliminary pieces of information are things that a salesperson might individually research before a phone call, but this automates the information gathering process so that it is always on hand and digitally recorded for more powerful data comparison. Things are easier for Dianne and the workflow is never broken.

How Box Does Partner Triage and On-Boarding

When someone signs up for the Box Platform Partner Program a lead goes into SalesforceIQ. Box and Workato worked together to create a triaging process inside of SalesforceIQ. “The leads come in as pending, then I go through the queue and triage them, setting their status to accepted or unaccepted,” explains Julien, who runs the Partner Program. “When I change their status, it then kicks off a follow up email to the partner via Workato. If they are not accepted, we send an email asking for more information and if they are accepted then Workato automatically creates a Box folder for the partner and adds the partner as a collaborator. This folder has all the information materials for new partners and they can upload their sales collateral.”

This Box folder can be accessed by the new partner at community.box.com and they can upload any information that might help familiarize the Box team with their products.

This makes Julian’s life much easier – instead of individually reviewing applications, he can stay in Salesforce and go down a list knowing that once the lead’s status is changed to “accepted” or “unaccepted,” Workato will take care of all the follow up.

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