3 Integration Takeaways from the 2015 Scaling New Heights Conference

If there’s any indication of the growth of cloud apps, look no further than the bellwether app of them all: QuickBooks.  It’s hard to underestimate the role Intuit plays for small businesses.  There are +10M businesses using QuickBooks to run their back offices and financial operations.  QuickBooks Online (QBO) currently has an estimated 1M businesses but is growing at a pace of 500K customers per year and Intuit is sign up more cloud customers than for the QuickBooks desktop (QBD) version.

Given this, app integration is paramount for QBO to automate workflows between apps.  Apps.com is central to adoption and growth so that customers using the cloud version can customize how they use QBO in the same way they could customize the desktop version.

Which brings us to the 2015 Scaling New Heights Conference in New Orleans.  One of the largest events of its kind, SNH brings together accountants, QuickBooks consultants, ProAdvisors and other service providers to showcase the newest technologies that keeps finances running within businesses.  Here are three integration takeaways from the conference:

1) Integration is a Priority for ProAdvisors: From speaking with many advisors at the conference, ProAdvisors are rapidly growing their QBO integration toolkit for how best to advise clients.  QBO did much to ease the burden of using QuickBooks but end users still need customization.  To do that, ProAdvisors are flocking to easy-to-use-and-implement integration solutions that connect QBO to other apps within the business.
Vijay Tella Demo Scaling New Heights

2) Integration Needs to Be Powerful: Given the customization of how businesses use QBO, integrations needs to be powerful but it can’t be unusable.  For example, keeping track of custom fields that represent orders, invoices, and payments needs to be able to transform data into another app’s data structure with ease.  This has not traditionally been simple or straightforward.  Security of financial information is also paramount.

CPA Workato Demo

3) But Integration Must Be Simple: At the end of the day, apps work for people, not the other way around.  An integration solution can be the most powerful tool but if it cannot be easily used, implemented, or updated, it’s no good to the small business owner that needs to run their business without errors.  ProAdvisors described many stories of their clients and their human stories.  These folks can’t spend time learning to become a programmer or sink a good chunk of their monthly revenue in app integration (which is sometimes more than the apps themselves!)

ProAdvisors and Workato

Workato is excited to have been a part of the conference given our team’s quick work to get five QuickBooks app integrations live on Apps.com.  I invite you to check them out and give them a whirl to automate your work between QuickBooks and other business apps:
Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper ode to New Orleans without taking in all the wonderful city has to offer.  Our team had a great time with beignets, Bourbon Street, and bookkeeping at the Scaling New Heights conference!
Workato Team at Scaling New Heights Conference