5 Reasons Why Our 2nd Annual Biz Systems Magic Conference Can’t Be Missed!

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The first and only conference for business systems professionals is back for its 2nd year on August 5th! 

We’re doubling down on making this year’s event as valuable as possible. 

We’ve recruited speakers who lead business technology and Ops at companies like Slack, Upwork, Atlassian, and Gilead Sciences. We’re hosting a happy hour, so you can meet your peers and form relationships that help grow your career. And we’re doing it all for free.

Are you sold? You can register today to secure your spot!

Still unsure? Then read on to learn why this year’s conference can’t be missed.

1. Learn How others responded to Covid-19

Our current remote environment is forcing us to rethink everything—from our business priorities to our day-to-day tasks. See how your peers are adjusting so you can return to work with new ideas for weathering this period. 

We’re covering all of the most pertinent activities that business technology leaders were forced to face at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. For example:

  • Business Continuity Planning: Brian Flood, the Head of BT at Fastly, was forced to figure out how to get engineers to servers safely. The solution is more glamorous than you might think! Rohit Jain, Head of Business Technology at Upwork, faced the question, “Who are all of the vendors Upwork relies on and what happens if those vendors go dark?” Flood and Jain will share their BCP journey during their session.

  • Cost Savings and Planning: IT budgets aren’t exactly overflowing at the moment, so saving money where you can is top of mind for almost everyone. Greg Paris, Director of Business Technology and Intelligence at People.ai, started his journey to get software spend under control in January, but it became even more critical with Covid-19. He’ll share his method for proactive cost management and how it works as your company scales. The only thing that costs more than software? People. Chris Blaisure, Director of Support Operations at Elastic, will share his framework for headcount management.

  • Retaining Customers: We all know it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain or upsell a current customer. This principle is even more important in the current economic landscape. But is this something business technology leaders need to care about? The answer is yes. David O’Callaghan, Director of Renewals at Zendesk and Derek Roberts, Director of Customer Success at Workato (formerly HubSpot) sit down for a conversation with Venkat Ranga, Head of Business Systems at Aryaka (formerly Malwarebytes), to discuss what BT teams should be thinking about when it comes to enabling the CS motion. 

2. Reimagine how business systems operates

Business systems and ops are still a fast-growing field that’s changing rapidly. 

Stay ahead of the curve by learning first-hand how BT leaders are innovating their functions, whether it’s repositioning themselves in their organization, restructuring their teams, or changing how they use their systems.

3. Accelerate your processes

What processes do you help manage? Order to cash? Hire to retire? Renewals? 

We’ll cover several via individual sessions. That way you can get in-depth, actionable tips for improving those you care about from real business leaders at companies like Seismic, Rapid7, Atlassian, and Divvy.

4. Learn how to build trust and understanding with stakeholders

This was already challenging pre-pandemic. Now it’s doubly as hard, but doubly as important. 

Our panel of BT leaders can walk you through how they’ve built trust and credibility without meeting face to face. Their ideas should help guide your approach.

5. Form the beginnings of long-lasting business relationships

We know networking is one of the most important parts of conferences. That’s why after the speaking sessions, we’re hosting a virtual happy hour and networking session. You’ll be set up on “speed dates”, so you can meet and connect with several attendees.

These new connections can help you navigate future challenges at work, offer invaluable career advice, and even help you find a job when the time’s right.

Want to further immerse yourself in the business systems community? Then join Systematic. Through our online community, you can participate in conversations with peers, post/browse jobs, get exclusive access to events, and more.

Finally, we’ll let attendees from last year talk about the event:

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