Streamline your Business Operations and boost productivity

Streamline your business operations by breaking down the silos between your apps. Quickly get relevant information into different apps, in the format you want, so employees can collaborate across departments seamlessly.

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  • Smart project on and off-boarding
    Smart project on and off-boarding
    If you work on a per-project basis, automate the entire onboarding and off-boarding of documents and accounts management (such as Slack channels and Box folders) so you can focus on higher value items.
  • Partner Onboarding
    Partner Onboarding
    You’ve secured a new partner - now it’s time for the paperwork. Automate the approval process and sending of relevant documents so you can focus on the important stuff like go-to market activities and partner enablement.
  • Pre-built integrations are oftentimes insufficient in supporting your team’s specific needs. Use Workato recipes in tandem with the existing pre-built integrations for a comprehensive bi-directional sync between customer support and engineering teams so you can minimize app-hopping and maximize productivity.
  • Significantly reduce the administrative work involved in reconciling software capitalization costs. With streamlined, automated workflows between your time tracking, project management and finance systems, you can save time and instead focus on higher order activities.

Improved Collaboration Between Departments

Much of our own BizOps centers around the Services and Engineering teams. Learn how we bridged the information gap between these teams and streamlined our internal processes so reps can focus on their core jobs without context switching.

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How We Hacked Sales
Julien Bassan
Senior Manager of Partner Program
“The Workato automation enables us to be more efficient with our time so we can more effectively work with all of our partners. We can take care of all the admin work and focus on the more important stuff like go-to market activities and partner enablement, which is better for us and our partners. It’s been a huge success so far.”