Keep up with the latest updates we’ve made in Workato.

Apr 30, 2024

Enhancements to working with Snowflake’s internal stages

Two new enhancements are available to simplify and streamline working with Snowflake's internal stages:

  • Upload to internal stage: Provides a dedicated solution for uploading files to Snowflake's internal stage, simplifying the process of transferring data into Snowflake for further processing or analysis
  • Bulk load from stage: Allows for loading files directly from Snowflake's internal stages into a table.
Apr 30, 2024

Long actions for databases

Long actions for databases give users the ability to handle long-running SQL queries and exports of datasets. The timeout limit for long actions is 120 minutes. New actions include:

  • Run long query using custom SQL, for executing queries that require extended processing times
  • Export query result, for bulk extraction from databases, without worrying about row limits

Long actions for databases are currently available for Snowflake, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

Apr 30, 2024

Addition of Workato data tables as new data source to query

Queries can now aggregate and transform data from Workato data tables, in addition to applications and files, and fetch the query results as CSV to be used in downstream actions.

Apr 30, 2024

Process and transform Excel files using SQL queries

SQL queries can now process and transform Excel files, providing the ability to aggregate and query across both CSV and Excel data types.

Apr 30, 2024

Handle CSV data more efficiently with enhancements to to FileStorage

To further enhance our data integration solution, we have updated and added bulk and batch CSV actions and triggers for Workato FileStorage to assist in processing, configuring, and monitoring data.

With FileStorage actions:

  • Store a CSV file along with its column data type schema in a directory (Create file action)
  • Append CSV lines to an already existing file with column data type validation (Append to file action)
  • Fetch CSV lines from a file in batches from an existing file (Get CSV lines from file action)

With FileStorage triggers:

  • Trigger and fetch any data type as a byte stream once it is available (New file bulk trigger)
  • Extract complete CSV file data in batches (New CSV file batch trigger)
  • Monitor a particular CSV file and fetch new lines appended to the file (New lines in a CSV file batch trigger)