Become a Technology Partner

Get woven into the fabric of the enterprise.

Workato works with top enterprise companies to enable an integrated enterprise, where all the applications are integrated and workflows are automated. Become a Technology Partner and bring your application into the integrated enterprise ecosystem.

Amplify the power of your application

Let Workato help you go to market quickly with important integrations without reinventing the wheel.

  • Grow your business

    Grow your business

    Drive more partnerships and leads, and reduce churn with better capabilities to your app.

  • Gain competitive edge

    Gain competitive edge

    Provide greater value by packaging integrations to the non-technical customers

  • Accelerate go to market

    Accelerate go to market

    Build, package and deliver integrations quickly without having to build a team of engineers.

  • More loyal customers

    More loyal customers

    With more connectivity and automation, your customers are more likely to stick with your app.

  • Scale automatically

    Scale automatically

    Manage and support all your customers’ integrations from one place with our admin controls.

  • Your terms, your way

    Your terms, your way

    Drive your own business model and ecosystem partnerships with our support.

Features you can trust

Workato’s partner platform provides you the flexibility, security, and scalability to manage all your customers’ integrations and automations. Easily build recipes that your customers can instantly use to integrate your app with all the other apps they use.

  • Deliver anywhere

    Deliver anywhere

    Whether it’s embedded within your app, or on the Workato platform, you decide which user experience makes the most sense.

  • Real time integration

    Real time integration

    If your app supports webhooks, we can pick up data whenever it happens.

  • High throughput processing

    High throughput processing

    The Workato platform can handle high amounts of transaction loads. When increased throughput is needed, we process data in parallel and in bulk to ensure efficiency.

Features you can trust
  • Security and compliance

    Security and compliance

    Workato is SOC 2 compliant and provides a secure, reliable and highly available service. It is designed with a distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection.
  • Partner dashboard

    Partner dashboard

    With our partner console, get a bird’s eye view of your customers’ integrations including apps, objects integrated, workflows created and job history and errors, providing insights into how users are using your app.

Get </Connected> with us

Join our Developer Program and build a connector for your application to Workato with our SDK.

  • 150,000+ Integration recipes

    Build recipes for your integration use cases and easily distribute it to all your customers.

  • 600 Partner developed connectors

    Develop public or private connectors for your apps and enable your customers to easily integrate your apps with 1000s of other apps.

  • 300 Technology partners

    Join the fastest growing integration and workflow automation platform that is being adopted by App Admins, Business Analysts, and IT.

Grow with our marketing and sales support

Collaborate with us to get the resources you need to develop, market, and sell better.

  • Get a landing page on
    Get a landing page on
  • Drive leads with joint webinars, ebooks and industry events.
    Drive leads with joint webinars, ebooks and industry events.
  • Amplify your launch annoucement with joint marketing with Workato.
    Amplify your launch annoucement with joint marketing with Workato.

Businesses of all sizes develop with Workato

  • Gopkiran Rao
    Gopkiran Rao
    SVP Products and Industries
    Workato gives companies the ability to seamlessly integrate quote to cash processes with business data sitting in enterprise data silos. Apttus customers targeting speedy revenue outcomes can benefit from the robust, yet business-user friendly drag-and-drop capability Workato offers.
  • Bryant Lee
    Bryant Lee
    Head of Product Partnerships and Integrations, Ecosystem
    We are excited to have Workato deliver enterprise class, DIY automation capabilities to our users. By automating their software development, delivery and IT operations, users can accelerate delivery of powerful and targeted customer solutions.
  • Julien Bassan
    Julien Bassan
    Sr Manager, Platform Partner Program
    Workato is such a powerful tool to deploy then modify and expand over time. You can start out with one kind of recipe and, as other tools become relevant, you can just modify the recipes to connect further upstream or downstream.
  • Jeremy Clarke
    Jeremy Clarke
    To create just one direct integration we would have to spend at least 5-10 hours of dev time. With Workato’s SDK, we can develop integrations much faster. Now WebMerge customers can connect to hundreds of apps and we can focus on our core product instead of managing integrations.
  • Gopkiran Rao
    Gopkiran Rao
  • Bryant Lee
    Bryant Lee
  • Julien Bassan
    Julien Bassan
  • Jeremy Clarke
    Jeremy Clarke