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Scaling eCommerce processes with no-code automation

Our previous solution didn’t work well with our business model. Transactions were always posted at the wrong times, making data inaccurate. With Workato, we’ve managed to eliminate these data discrepancies.

Jim Tornqvist

Jim Tornqvist

Director of Direct to Consumer


  • Existing ordering process was not scalable
  • 50 hours per week spent on manual work

A sudden influx of orders during the pandemic meant that Wobbleworks had to adapt and scale their entire ordering process to meet the demand.

As the company kept up with growing demands, they needed an efficient way to sync sales data between Shopify and Netsuite. Google Sheets was not effective in helping them keep up with order tracking and inventory updates.

Additionally, employees were spending at least 50 hours per week on manual work such as tedious reconciliations. With fewer than 40 employees in the company, Wobbleworks could not afford wasting human capital on tedious and repetitive work.

Wobbleworks had a static script that was built to connect to Shopify. However, the platform developed much faster than their script, and it could not handle the speed of Shopify’s ever-changing functionalities.

Jim Tornqvist, Director of Direct to Consumer at WobbleWorks, was on the hunt for a solution that could connect to and scale with Shopify Plus — an eCommerce enterprise platform.


  • Connect Shopify and Netsuite for instant sales data

OnePacific, a long-time partner of Workato’s, helped to build and implement the integration between Shopify and Netsuite for WobbleWorks. Now, sales data is automatically extracted from both apps, and are instantly updated in real-time.

With this integration, data is always up to date and transactions are no longer posted wrongly or at random times.


  • Increased data accuracy
  • Elimination of manual data entry
  • Cost savings
  • Ability to scale

Using Workato, Wobbleworks saw enhanced data accuracy, optimized IT resources, and was able to scale much more efficiently.

With accurate data inputs coming through Workato into Netsuite, Tornqvist’s team no longer sees discrepancies in its data. The quick response from their dedicated team of resources with Workato has also helped to make it easier to manage IT resources. With Workato, their website was able to scale efficiently, and grow by hundreds of thousands of orders per year.

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