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How DeNA saved 100 hours per year by automating manual tasks

On average, we have successfully saved approximately 100 hours per year for each task. Another big improvement is that automating workflows with Workato have reduced the number of human errors.

Hidekazu Ishibashi

Hidekazu Ishibashi

Database Administrator


  • Existing RPA workflows was not scalable
  • Needed to improve operations stability

DeNA Co., Ltd.’s IT Strategy Department had a goal to empower their employees to focus on creating impact for the business. General Manager of the IT Strategy Department, Tomohiro Owaki works closely with Hidekazu Ishibashi, a highly experienced DBA (Enterprise Database Administrator), to manage and improve the company’s SaaS-based services, and to increase employee efficiency.

In 2017, they started automating HR and back-office related tasks with RPA, and even leveraged end-user computing (EUC) to encourage non-IT users to build their own RPA workflows.

However, changes in their SaaS application UIs caused breakdowns in the RPA workflows, making it inoperable and difficult for the company to continue leveraging the technology.

Mr. Owaki and Mr. Ishibashi knew that they had to pivot the way they approached automations, so they looked to API integration and iPaaS products in hopes to improve their operations stability.

They also wanted to streamline and automate the following manual processes:

  • Creating Slack channels and inviting members to join them
  • Creating groups on Google Groups
  • Signing and stamping of documents

With a wide array of iPaaS and API integration products available in the market, thus began the hunt for a solution that provided governance, security, flexibility and agility.


  • Integrate kintone and Slack to create and manage Slack channels, and send invites to members
  • Integrate Adobe® Sign and kintone to digitize the signing and stamping process
  • Automate the management and processing of group creation requests in Google Groups

When an employee submits a request to create a new Slack channel and invite relevant members to the channel via kintone, Workato connects kintone to Slack on the backend, and automatically executes both requests. The task status is also automatically updated to 'In progress' or 'Completed' on kintone.

When an employee submits a sign & stamp request form via kintone, Adobe® Sign automatically sends an email to the recipient listed in the form to request for a digital signature. Once the document is signed, the status is updated to 'Approved' on Adobe® Sign. Then, the approved document is uploaded back into kintone, where the task status will be updated to 'Completed'. Leveraging Workato’s scheduling feature, these statuses are automatically updated in both apps on an hourly basis.

At 9:00 a.m. every business day, Workato checks kintone for any requests to create a new Google Group. If it picks up a new request, Workato automatically creates the group and updates the status in kintone to 'Completed'.


  • > 100 hours saved per year with automations
  • Eliminated human errors

With Workato, DeNA Co., Ltd. was able to develop their automation workflows in 2 to 4 months. Projects that required additional connectors to be built took only 6 months on average to complete. The business impact on the company was evident:

  • 120 hours saved per year with automated Slack channel creation
  • 84 hours saved per year with automated invites to join Slack channels
  • 192 hours saved per year with Adobe® Sign
  • Automated manual tasks for all 3,000 employees
  • Eliminated human errors

The company’s experience with implementing Workato has been a smooth sailing journey, and the support from the Workato team helped in the rapid development of the workflows.

As part of their next steps, DeNA Co., Ltd. hopes to expand on their error handling process by leveraging Workato's Workbot for Slack. They are looking to include a status update feature, where employees in charge of addressing error messages can easily indicate with a click of a button whether the matter has been resolved.

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